Canadian Association for Rainwater Management

Rainwater Training 

CANARM exists to provide awareness, education and conduct research on Best Practices for Rainwater management.  This includes the safe collection, storage and uses of rainwater harvesting across Canada.  

CANARM is the foremost national educational and training provider for awareness and certifications in Rainwater Harvesting and Management in Canada. Information and training is offered to a wide range of participants, and national certifications based on CSA regulations and codes for design and installation have been established. Offered by qualified professionals in regional venues across the country, CANARM training addresses the global issues as well as regional and local aspects of Rainwater catchment, storage, treatment, and use.

There is an educational package suitable for everyone, including:

  • homeowners – property managers – schools
  • community groups
  • trade organizations
  • educators
  • architects / landscape architects
  • engineers
  • urban planners
  • regulators
  • municipalities
  • installers/practitioners
  • wholesalers

Formats for education and training include lectures, seminars, workshops, and hands-on applied skills development for certification. With an infinite range of opportunities in sharing and leading the development of quality rainwater management, education and training sessions are tailored to the audience, venue, and region, and organized within CANARM’s territorial jurisdictions.

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Canadian Association for Rainwater Management

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