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About Rainwater Harvesting Certification Training

Module 1 - Design and Installtion - (Length 2 hours - Workbook Provided)

With every rainwater harvesting system being unique, understanding the design and installation aspects is essential;

  • Project overview and Site analysis
  • Demand volume calculations based on end uses
  • Catchment potential based on climate data
  • Cistern sizing for operations and for other uses (fire, SWM, infiltration, etc) - Conveyance system sizing calculations
  • Distribution components and calculations (sizing)
  • Water treatment, sanitation and purification options and requirement
  • System operations and management

Module 2 - Water Quality - (Length 2 hours - Workbook Provided)

Rainwater is non-potable directly off the roof and how do we make is safe and clean to use. 

  • Demand uses (end uses for rainwater)
  • Risk Mitigation and End Use Tiers (CSA B805-18)
  • Water Safety Plan overview and examples
  • Cistern sizing calculations

Module 3 - System Components - (Length 2 Hours) 

This module covers a plethora of aspects pertaining to all rainwater systems: - Catchment surfaces and suitability for rainwater harvesting

  • Conveyance materials and routing
  • Filtration prior to storage
  • Storage cisterns and related equipment
  • Distribution equipment from pumps to water treatment

Module 4 - Irrigation with Rainwater Harvesting - (Length 2 Hours - Workbook Provided) 

  • This module covers irrigation system requirements as one of the most suitable uses for harvested rainwater:
  • Irrigation demand use types and End Use Tiers (CSA B805-18)
  • Risk Mitigation and End Use Tiers (CSA B805-18)
  • Irrigation volume source data
  • Catchment potential based on climate data, Cistern and system sizing calculations, Natural precipitation on irrigated areas
  • Irrigation system components: Pumps, filters, backflow prevention Controls, valves and switches o Pressure and flow calculations, Drought and additional use scenarios.
Canadian Association for Rainwater Management

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